> leather cleanser
舒富樂沙發 皮革淨洗劑
To avoid the extracted animal fat from polluting the enviornment, a renowned tannery from Europe
has successed in converting these animal fat into the leather cleanser, which is being neutral useful
and enviornment friendly.
Applicable items
sofa, bag, wallet, belf or shoes which are made in leather(except nubuck or suede leather)

How to use
(1) shake the bottle well.
(2) spray some cleanser on a clean dry cloth.
(3) clean the leather with light circular motions.

dry and polish with an another soft and clean cloth with circular motions so that
protection layer can formed.
(5) let's dry for at least 2 hours

(1) keep the cleanser out of reach of children(it cannot be swallowed)
(2) if swallowed, drink plenty of water and go to see a doctor as soon as possible.
(3) do not put the cleanser under direct the sunlight.

if you use the cleanser for the aniline leather, the leather will become a bit of darker.
few minutes later it will become normal.
(5) the cleanser is only for the leather without hair, and NOT for nubuck and suede leather.
(6) do not dilute the cleanser.

supplementary package is available