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舒富樂沙發 關於舒富樂 瞭解過去 掌握未來

Looking back to 1976, the sofa industry in Taiwan belonged to family or small businesses. At that time, there was no research, development, and popular brand names. As the result, the styles of sofas were basically from books or magazines that were imported from Western countries. 

Through the experiences from this initial stage, the conception of our own branding was embedded in our mind. Therefore, the company, Tong Y was established in 1978. 

During that time, the operation of sofa industry took domestic wholesale as the first step, and expanding export business as a final goal. However, after years of effort, we noticed that a transliterated brand name was difficult to resonate internationally. Therefore, we considered two major characteristics of a sofa which are softness and flexibility, and combined them together to create our own brand name called SOFLEX. Meanwhile, we obtained the international certification in 1986 and had commercials on cable TV in Taiwan. 

We deeply realize that providing a high quality product can be the best backing for a brand. Thus, SOFLEX is always engaged in manufacturing high quality sofa. For decades, we started from small domestic business decades ago and now we export our products to Northern Europe, the United Kingdom, Japan, and United States. We are proud of it and will continue this effort and spirit forever.